Catherine Mercier
UN Correspondent in New York

I was born in a small village on the southern shore of the St-Lawrence River, about 600 kilometres east of Montreal. Growing up, I used to watch the big chunks of ice floating down the river in the spring and I would wonder where they might lead me if only I could follow them. Years later, I packed my bags and moved to Montreal, where I studied Russian and German at McGill University. My passion for languages and cultures took me even further afield, from Russia to China with stopovers in Morocco and Costa Rica. I started working for the CBC six years ago, hosting a news show for children on the French TV network. Since then, I've covered the arts scene in Montreal and, more recently, current affairs and international news. Now, I'm based in New York City and I see it as an immense privilege to be living here and working at United Nations headquarters, an organization that draws so many people, with so many stories, from around the world.