Radio Canada International honoured in Latin America

Montreal, October 18th, 2005—The Foundation for New Latin American Journalism (FNPI in Spanish), chaired by Nobel Prize in Literature laureate Gabriel García Márquez, recently joined University of Guadalajara Radio to announce plans to produce a CD anthology of reports that won or were nominated for 2002 and 2004 New Latin American Journalism Awards.

The anthology will include Nunavut, el camino a nuestra tierra. This report by Radio Canada International’s Latin American section eloquently presents the realities faced by the inhabitants of Canada’s Far North in a series of touching testimonials produced in Spanish. Nunavut, el camino a nuestra tierra was a 2004 official selection—only 15 of 110 entries were shortlisted.

Radio Canada International congratulates its Latin American team, and is very pleased about this landmark anthology that will be released this coming December at the Guadalajara International Book Fair.

RCI broadcasts around the globe in Spanish and eight other languages on some 350 partner radio stations, via shortwave and satellite, as well as from

Information: Denis Pellerin
Director, Communications
Radio Canada International

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