Religion as extracurricular
For centuries, women have been wearing religious headdress in Quebec classrooms. Until recently, it was Catholic nuns who sported these religious signs. Nowadays, it is more likely to turn up on a Muslim student or teacher...
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Tell-Tale Tongues
Canada is a land of many mother tongues. From our two official languages, to 50 First Nation languages, to the hundreds spoken by our immigrant population, there are over 200 mother tongues spoken in Canada. You could say that discourse diversity is flourishing north of the 49th parallel.
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A Province with a Religious Past
All autumn, the Bouchard-Taylor Commission has been rolling in and out municipalities throughout Quebec. Most of the two-minute comments pleaded tolerance and raised issues of importance to immigrants, like jobs and language. A couple of comments, however, were tinged with the kind of fear that has made it to headlines in recent months.
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