International Call for short-films and audio podcasts about Immigration


Radio Canada International invites creators, 18 years and older, from around the world to enter their works on the theme of immigration to the Migr@tions competition

The works must respect the following criteria:

 • Theme: Immigration

 • Category: Fiction, Documentary or Animation

 • Length: 4 to 9 minutes (including credits)

 • Audio podcasts: 2 to 5 minutes

 • Language: English (or any other language with English subtitles for short videos)

 • Works produced in 2007 or 2008

Canadian audio podcast submissions

Eight CBC Radio One regions across Canada are participating in Migrations. Each region will seek local stories with winners being broadcast on air in the local shows. Sign-up and submit your works by clicking on Registration. If your region is not mentioned, you can still participate! Make sure your podcast is between two to five minutes and is on the theme of immigration. To find out what we're looking for in your region take a look below.


In Calgary on CBC Radio One, The Homestretch will look for stories about how you got here. Tell us about the path that led you to Calgary.


In Manitoba, CBC Radio One's afternoon show, Up to Speed wants to hear your stories about making a success of your new life in the province.


In Montreal, CBC Radio One's afternoon show Homerun wants your stories about making a life in Montreal and how you bridge cultural divides.


In Ottawa, CBC Radio One's morning show, Ottawa Morning and afternoon show All In a Day will look for stories about immigrants in Ottawa who are blending the old with the new. Taking pieces of the places they've left and mixing them with parts of their new home to create something food, new music, new type of relationships, new sports...

In Saskatchewan, CBC Radio One's morning show, The Morning Edition wants to hear your stories of cultural fusion... how have you or your family blended old world traditions - with new world realities. From the food you eat to the holidays you celebrate, the sports you play to the clothes you wear... tell us your stories of migration and cultural fusion.


In Southern Ontario, Fresh Air , CBC Radio One's weekend show, is looking for your immigration stories about how you were welcomed when you arrived to Canada.


In Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, CBC Radio One's morning show The Great Northwest will want to hear stories about what it's like to be an immigrant outside of major urban centres.


In Vancouver, CBC Radio One's On the Coast asks: When and where do you consider yourself a Hyphenated Canadian?


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Deadline for Entries: June 30th, 2008

Additional information:
Thierry Harris
(514) 597-4877
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