Information website, Cyberpresse has the largest virtual newsroom in Quebec with more than 500 journalists and photographers, here and abroad. The number of unique visitors is constantly growing and surpasses 1.5 million each month. In addition to texts, updated hourly each day, Cyberpresse features photo albums, video and multimedia reports on a wide variety of topics. This portal includes,,, and Technaute, websites dedicated to specific topics.

Euromedcafe is a forum of images and sounds. Every year, the site launches two contests on the theme of intercultural dialogue ("Another Look" and "Other Songs") giving young artists the opportunity to have their say. These artists are thus able to share their lives and express their points of view in an immediate and authentic way with music and images via a "cinema of proximity".

Cineuropa was created in 2002 in order to provide up-to-date information and other services essential to know one another better to cinephiles from all over the world interested in knowing more about European films, as well as to film and television professionals.