Digital Diversity
Electronic Media Creation Competition
on Immigration

Radio Canada International invites filmmakers, 18 years and older, from around the world to enter their short films to Migr@tions, the natural extension of Digital Diversity / Métissé serré, the online competition launched in 2007.

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The Winners of the 2007 Edition

Response to the first edition of Digital Diversity and Métissé serré, the French portion of the competition, has been outstanding. Since Day 1 of the online competition, launched on September 17, 2007, short film and podcast finalists have been viewed and heard more than 60,000 times, and more than 6,000 comments have been made on our website.
The following works have been selected for the People’s Choice Awards:

People’s Choice Award - Short Film
Abdallah of Mile-End - Adam Shamash (Montreal)

People’s Choice Awards - Podcast
1st Prize: Singing Pictures: The Musical Lives of Jim and Sheila Johnson
Ashley Foot (Montreal)

2nd Prize: Ghosts Migrate
Hana Abdul, in collaboration with Shadya Yasin (Toronto, ON)

3rd Prize: One Step Closer
Harpreet Dipak (Toronto, ON)

As for the jury, they selected the following work:

Grand Jury Prize - Best Fiction
Sponsored by Sony Canada
Binding Borders - Tiffany Hsiung (Toronto, ON)

Grand Jury Prize - Best Documentary
Sponsored by Telus
A Brief History of Life - Tenzin Jangchup (Montreal)

For Métissé Serré, the French portion of the competition, the following works have been selected for the People’s Choice Awards and for the Grand Jury Prize:

People’s Choice Award – Short Film (French)
Deux vies - Natacha Veilleux and Aurélie Herman (Montreal)

People’s Choice Award – Podcast (French)
1st Prize: Entrevue avec Uon Wang Vuong
Nicolas Wang Vuong Legentil (Montreal)

2nd Prize: Rêver en français
Stéphanie Fernet (Montreal)

3rd Prize: Sous-utilisation des immigrants
Jean Numa Goudou (Montreal)

Grand Jury Prize - Best documentary (French)
Sponsored by la Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec
Une bonne élève - Karina Garcia Casanova (Montreal)

Grand Jury Prize - Best fiction (French)
Sponsored by Sony Canada
Réfractions - Abraham Lifshitz (Montreal)

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists!

Watch the works submitted to Métissé serré, the French component of the competition.

Production team: Michel Coulombe, Xuân-Huy Nguyen and Thierry Harris.

RCI viva / Digital Diversity Contest
Telephone: 514-597-4877
Email: [email protected]   



Spokesperson CBC Toronto
Canada is a country composed of many diverse communities. Canadian immigrants speak different languages, listen to different music, eat different foods and have unique cultural traditions and experiences. How are they being received and how are they adapting to life in Canada? Digital Diversity aims to introduce all Canadians to life in these communities in a creative and expressive way. I'm pleased to be a part of it and I can't wait to listen to and view all the entries this fall when they are broadcast on RCI Viva's website.

Spokesperson CBC Vancouver
Canada's face is constantly evolving. It's a very different place than it was when my parents came here 40 years ago, and it will change again tomorrow. Immigration is weaving a new cultural tapestry, which makes Canada a vibrant and fascinating place to live. But with these gifts come challenges. We need to listen to each other to understand our differences and our similarities. This competition is an ideal platform for Canadians from all backgrounds to creatively express issues we'll face as a nation in the years to come.

Spokesperson CBC Montreal
Every time I see people meet each other for the first time. The question of "origin" always comes up. "I know you're from Pointe-Claire but where did you REALLY come from?" It's a question that has a different answer for everyone and they're all interesting. People come from all walks of life to this country and that's what makes it so interesting to live here. The mix of what we call "Canadian" and other cultures isn't always smooth but there are so many people who have to deal with it in this country that I am looking forward to hearing or seeing other people's experiences.

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