Anshu Bathia Singh, the protagonist for Embracing Canada India, was the primary applicant for her family to come to Canada. After waiting six and a-half years, her dreams for a better life have finally come true. Listen to different audio capsules of Anshu's thoughts on immigration, women's rights, family values and much more. Anshu's diary is an intimate look inside the deepest feelings of a new arrival to Canada.  
Listen to a new chapter on the Link every Friday and you can podcast it on this site to listen to her Diary at your convenience. Listen to what Canada is like from the point of view of someone who just arrived to this country. 
Episode 2: Waiting For An Answer 
Today, we continue our Embracing Canada series following the immigration of a family from India to Canada. Anshu Singh, her husband Raj and their two daughters arrived in Vancouver, on Canada's West Coast on December 16th to begin their new life here. In the second entry of her audio diary, Anshu talks about their experience with the Canadian immigration process, and the reaction of their family and friends to the news the Singhs were planning a move to Canada. 
Episode 3: Leaving India 
In this, the third installment of her audio diary, Anshu talks about leaving India and her first impressions of Vancouver. The anticipation, the worry, the excitement, the marvels of indoor heating and those oh-so-quiet Canadians! It all adds up to a very memorable experience. 
Episode 4: The Family's Guardian Angel 
In the fourth entry of her audio diary, Anshu talks about the family's guardian angel - a friend who helped them get settled in Vancouver. And, as she begins to explore the city, she discovers some of the surprising similarities and differences between life in India and Canada. 
Episode 5: Choosing Among Career Possibilities 
In the fifth entry of her audio diary, as her family settles into its new life here, Anshu talks about work and trying to decide which career path to follow when there are so many options available. 

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Waiting For An Answer
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Leaving India
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The Family's Guardian Angel
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Choosing Among Career Possibilities
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Embracing Canada

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