Embracing Canada and the Link present, Anshu's Diary. Discover her personal feelings and emotions on her immigration experience since moving to Canada. Have a listen!
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The Digital Diversity and M閠iss� serr� winners were announced at an Awards Ceremony held at Montreal's Cin閙a du Parc on December 16th, 2007.
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The Indo-Canadian Report with Wojtek Gwiazda
The Indo-Canadian Report with Wojtek Gwiazda focuses on Canada-India relations, and the large Indo-Canadian community in Canada.
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An initiative of D関eloppement international Desjardins within the Desjardins Youth 
Focus program.
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Canada Day
On July 1st, Radio Canada International will present two very special concert events to celebrate Canada Day.
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2006 Montreal High Lights Festival:
CBC Radio's all-nighter

On Saturday, February 25 2006, at 7:30 p.m., CBC Radio Two (93.5 FM in Montreal) and Espace musique (100.7 FM in Montreal), in partnership with Radio Canada International, hosted an evening of dancing and partying at M閠ropolis as part of the Montreal High Lights Festival All-Nighter. 
Video of the event now available! 

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Conservatives defeat Liberal government
In Canada's 39th national election, the Official Opposition Conservative Party and its leader Stephen Harper defeated the ruling Liberal government of Prime Minister Paul Martin.
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Pope John Paul II: His impact in Canada
On this special program, Radio Canada International speaks to the highest ranking Catholics in Canada and looks at the impact John Paul II had on people across the country.
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Radio Canada International: 60 Years of Radio Worldwide
The year 2005 marks the 60th anniversary of Radio Canada International...
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Special from Kelowna, in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia
The Spotlight Crew has travelled several thousand kilometers west of Montreal to the Okanagan valley in British Columbia.
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The Mining Industry from Yellowknife
One-hundred and fifty kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, the city of Yellowknife is one of Canada`s largest northern communities.
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