Singh Family
The Singhs hail from Mumbai, India, City of Dreams. The family waited six and a half years to immigrate to Canada. They settled in Burnaby, British Columbia. The road to Canada was long and challenging, but their hope for a better life brought them here. Radio Canada International followed the family in India before their departure and again upon their arrival to Canada. Watch a new episode every week for twenty weeks and see what it is like to pick everything up and come to a new land.

Anshu Bhatia Singh
Anshu has a bachelor�s in Economics and a MBA in Marketing. She is originally from the city of Pune, located in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. In her spare time she teaches Hatha Yoga. She hopes to offer Canada her best asset: her winning spirit. She came to Canada for a better life for her two daughters, Priyanka, 7, and Aishwarya, 11. As the family's primary applicant, Anshu went through the Canadian Immigration Integration Program, a new government-funded initiative managed by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges that helps prepare immigrants for successful entry to the Canadian labour market. She hopes her past experience will help her find a great job in her field.

Raj Singh
Raj worked as a tea planter in beautiful Darjeeling for most of his life. He is also a Hatha Yoga instructor, which he taught at a resort in Goa. After reading many books on Canada, Raj chose to come to British Columbia for its spectacular landscape. He wishes to prosper in the new place he calls home.